Panasonic 550Ltr. (NR-DZ600GKXZ) Non-frost Top Freezer Inverter Refrigerator

৳ 157,000.00

  • Multi-Door Frost Free Refrigerator:Premium Refrigerator with Auto-Defrost Function to Prevent Ice Build-Up.
  • Capacity 550 L– Suitable for families with 5 or more members
  • Intelligent Inverter Compressor – Energy Efficient, Less Noise & More Durable
  • Also included in the box: Owners Manual,Warranty Card
  • AG Clean : Deactivates Bacteria and Mold up to 99.9% inside the Fridge Compartment, to keep food Healthy and Hygienic.
  • Prime Fresh: Prime Fresh Freezing freezes food lightly at approx. -3 degree Celsius . Food frozen in this way can be stored for a longer period while retaining freshness.